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Cindy Williams, CDP, CRCFA

Cindy Williams, CDP, CRCFA

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Debbie Wright

Debbie Wright, Former USAF

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Ashley Weatherford

Ashley Weatherford, LPN



Major William Wright USAF (Ret.)

Maj William Wright, USAF(Ret.)

Our Team

I have been a SC Residential Care Facilities Administrator and Nationally Certified Dementia Practitioner for many years and have worked with thousands of people. Simply Seniors of Charleston was created by me to help seniors and their families navigate the difficult world of senior services. After working in independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities, I dreamed and prayed about doing more for seniors and their families.

Every client and their situation is different and my goal is  to create unique and thoughtful solutions for each client. Regardless of what the current situation is for an individual or family, I know Simply Seniors will give every person the support and resources that they need.

I want to make a lasting difference in the world of dementia and senior care. I’d like to do this in two very distinct ways. The first is to help families make the best choices for the best possible care and to create a financial plan that makes sense. The second is to help all people understand how to protect their health from dementia and other long term illnesses through education, lifestyle changes, and by teaching how and  what we eat now makes a difference.

I am the Administrator of Simply Seniors, and have been working in the medical field for many years. Previously, I was Chief Operating Officer of a home care agency. 

I have a BS in Business/Education, but more importantly received on-the-job training while serving in the US Air Force as Medical Administrative Assistant and Certified Ophthalmic Assistant with hands-on care of patients. I have also helped navigate the eldercare channels while caring for several of my immediate family members with various, but all higher levels of medical and care needs.

I have had the pleasure of being able to help a client win a battle with paperwork and receive well-deserved compensation. The funding made it possible for the individual to live with dignity in what would otherwise have been a rapid decline due to loss of either income or a place to spend their last days.


Sullivan Beckman

As Clinical Director, I meet with each individual in need of help and their family. I perform assessments and assist families in picking the right facility for their loved one. My background working for ten years in rehabilitation and skilled nursing communities along with seven additional years as a Director of Nursing in assisted living has prepared me well for my role at Simply Seniors.  

I do this work to be an advocate for all older people and their families. I want to make sure they live out their life the best way they can.

I am inspired most by my own mother. I watched her show love to everyone she ever came in contact with. She would give as much as she could to everyone and never expected anything in return. I believe witnessing this at such a young age molded me into the nurse and mother I am today.

I earned both Master of Public Administration (MPA) and Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) degrees. These, combined with my work as a practicing Licensed Family Medicine Physician Assistant are well-utilized with the individuals I serve through Simply Seniors.  My current role includes the monitoring of the client's overall wellbeing, providing transportation to medical and dental appointments, and providing fellowship. One of my greater skills and interests is to express my ideas clearly with written words.  

When I think of a client who touches my heart, David M, comes quickly to mind. He is smart, kind, and has a great sense of humor.  My satisfaction comes when I help David and others feel encouraged to be all they can be.

I do this work to encourage others and help them on their journey of life.



Samantha Williams

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Lynn Shaner



Jameila Brown



Sullivan Beckman

As a Senior Care Specialist I have varied responsibilities.  My mother is Cindy Williams, the founder of Simply Seniors. I have been learning from her since I was a child. I grew up going to to work with my mother, Cindy, to the senior care facilities where she administrated. I continue to learn from her each day by listening to work calls and how she manages every situation.

I have always loved being around older people. I love learning from them and helping with their daily activities. 

One quote that I live by is, "Treat others the way you want to be treated."


My background includes a Master of Education degree, with which I have taught at all levels including at the university level. I have had over twenty five years of experience as a caregiver for immediate family members with complex conditions ranging from end-stage kidney failure, to traumatic brain injury, to metastatic cancer, and dementia. 


Through these experiences, I learned how to navigate a very challenging system, and to be a steadfast advocate for my family and my loved ones in need of care. I learned not to wait, but to seek out resources that were difficult to discover and to create relationships that were beneficial to the care and well-being of my loved ones in need.


As an educator, I have trained to listen, research, solve problems, advocate for, collaborate, and share necessary information in ways that people understand.

As a long-standing and important part of the care team, Jameila spends much of her time on direct client care.  She makes sure her clients' care needs are met, while spending time focusing on their need for social interaction and connection.  


Clients that receive care from Jameila have developed strong bonds with her.  They look forward to her care visits and request for her to return.  It is these strong bonds that form the foundation of a trusting and respectful caregiver, client, family relationship.  Jameila's clients see her as a member of their extended families.  


Cindy Williams was familiar with Jameila's exceptional ability as a compassionate caregiver from their previous work together.  Jameila is such a dynamic caregiver that Cindy Williams was excited to open her business with Jameila on her team.  

I am currently enrolled in the RN program at Trident Technical College. My senior year of high school I was enrolled in the Certified Nursing Assisted Program and am CPR certified.


My grandfather has made a huge impact on my life and inspired me to do the job I do every day. I have grown up being very close to him. He has inspired me to do this job because I see firsthand the daily struggles he goes through as he gets older. For me to be a comfort to him, knowing I am there to help him, reflects how I want my clients to feel. 


My typical day consists of checking on the well-being of clients. Many days a week I take them grocery shopping or I shop for them. Often, I attend doctor appointments and take notes to give the families an update of the visit. I give clients the ability to get out of the house and have the feeling of being independent.

"I have cared for a special lady for almost two years. When we first met she introduced herself and told me she would show me the way out of her apartment. Over time we have grown to have an amazing bond and have experienced many laughs together. My favorite thought is when she told me to kick my shoes off and relax with her on the porch. She shares with me wonderful stories about her life and consistently keeps me laughing. I have become a source of comfort for her and it brings me joy to see her face light up when I visit."          

                -- Sullivan Beckham

Get to Know Us

"I do this work, because the number continues to increase of people aging who will need assistance finding good care that they can afford later in life. As the obligations and commitments of family caregivers also grows, I intend to help through knowledge and compassion as many people as possible."   

                  -- Lynn Shaner

To me this work is a gift. I don’t see it as a job but instead an opportunity to share my passion of love and support to those who need assistance.                                                -- S. Beckham

 We are compelled to problem solve, working the challenge of bringing calm to chaos through knowledge and preparation, and our own personal convictions.
Our personal convictions then become our collective goals. 

"I go to work every day, because I know there are so many people who are struggling and that we can change the trajectory of their care, their financial situation, and give them a better quality of life.    

                      -  Cindy Williams

"Every day do something that brings you a little closer to where you want to be."
-- Bill Wright


I like knowing that my work is the reason my clients have the living environment that they want and need.

               -- Samantha Williams

I am most inspired by disabled elders, more specifically by disabled veterans, who have bravely served our country and are now in need of assistance.

    --Debbie Wright