What We Do For You

Simply Seniors is your local resource for senior services.  Specializing in appropriate placement for assisted living and memory care, we work diligently to find the right fit for your senior.  With our personalized 3 step approach and direct care experience, we will help you develop a plan that creates a long-term solution for you and your family. 


Placement Services

Simply Seniors was created to assist clients and families with every aspect of the aging process.  Choosing the correct facility for your loved one is one of the most important decisions you may ever make.  When people are placed properly based on their wants, needs, and financial resources, their chances of having to move again are reduced, their quality of life improves, and their needs are met.  While transitioning to a new community can be stressful, we work with our families every step of the way to ease the burden and help families get back to focusing on each other rather than ongoing care needs.

Placement Services


Well Visits  

Often times, families are stretched too thin.  We have many competing obligations between younger and older generations and constantly feel the guilt of not being their enough for our loved ones.  Well Visits were designed to create a 'go to' person for anything that involves your loved one.  Creating that independent extra set of eyes, can give families the peace of mind that they so desperately need.  We work with each family to make sure that we are creating positive support.  Well Visits can be in a care community or in the home.  Whatever your seniors needs, we will help you find a solution.

Seniors Living at Home


Coordination of Care

Not sure why mom's on 101 medications?  Are you concerned that maybe the left-hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing?  Simply Seniors can help coordinate care with doctors to ensure that their care is not on autopilot.  It's always a good idea to have someone with your loved one when seeing their medical professionals to ask questions, take notes, and ensure that they are aware of any issues or changes.  When it comes to seniors, Simply Seniors knows just how important proper, timely medical care is and how quickly things can get out of control.  We're here to advocate for your loved one and partner with you to ensure all of the bases are covered and everyone is on the same page.

Coordination of Care